Pitch, Design, and Lead a Chocolate Tasting

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If you dream of leading your own chocolate tastings but struggle to create an engaging presentation (should you talk about conching?), this training is for YOU. The information I share will take you from feeling confused and overwhelmed to being confident in your ability to host an engaging tasting. Pricing includes access to a private Facebook group.
The training includes two (2) videos and two (2) PDF files.
The first 32-minute video will teach you how to design a chocolate tasting lecture and workshop. It is a recording of a previously streamed Instagram live video. Topics covered include:

  • Format and duration of a lecture
  • The depth of information shared on the chocolate-making process
  • Bar selection process
  • Books and props
  • Why PowerPoint is not my friend and local publicity matters
  • And much more!

In the second, 42-minute video, I'll teach you how to design and lead a wine and chocolate pairing event. I debunk three pairing myths and explain why pairing wine and chocolate was the best thing I did for my chocolate education business. You'll discover:

  • The chocolate bar I bring to ALL tastings
  • Which bar I pair with floral white wines
  • How much to charge for an event
  • How to guide the tasting and make your attendees feel special
  • And more.

You'll also receive chocolate education checklist and email templates to pitch your services.

You can email me at estelle(at)37chocolates.com with any questions.

Customer testimonials:

"I just downloaded and watched your tasting video, thank you!! I really struggle with tasting events, I spend all my time working with chocolate and tasting it but generally feel like I don’t know what I am doing! I took a master of chocolate flavor class and I still feel like an imposter when doing a class! ….
I took 2 pages of notes on your video. My most important take away, honor the people in front of you, meet them where they are, try to convey how labor intensive chocolate is and be known locally. Thank you!!"

- Kristen Joslin, founder of Cocoa Nouveau in Chesapeake, Virginia

"I love that checklist Estelle! You don’t have to be a chocolate educator to have a tasting. Everything you need is on that list!"

- Sophia Rea, owner and founder of Projet Chocolat

"I just wanted to say 'Thank you' for sending the templates to guide us in creating our own 'pitch emails'. It is extremely helpful!!! ...
I've scheduled two pairings (coffee and tea) in a few weeks so sending out emails to other establishments is on the list so your templates are saving me not just time but also educating me to create a more professional and confident offer."

- Sanja Pejin

"I was approached this week to host a wine and chocolate tasting at the end of the month...eek! So, I feel so blessed to be able to lean on your resources. It helped me give the group an estimate cost. I look forward to really diving in and learning from your experience."

- Esther, Unidos Por El Chocolate

Cover photo by Becca Mathias Photography.

1 rating
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  • The training includes two (2) videos and two (2) PDF files.

  • The training includes two (2) videos and two (2) PDF files.


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Pitch, Design, and Lead a Chocolate Tasting

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